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You will get your training manual which you can keep and download. It gives you your relevant anatomy and physiology, you learn all about contraindications and contra-actions as well as a step by step procedure to follow. You will also have training by video as if you were right there in the classroom with your trainer.
Yes, there is a quiz about your chosen beauty subject. If you need to retake it, you can. When working online there is a higher pass rate because we want to know that you have understood what you are learning.
Yes, there is. We want you to do a case study by video so we can see it is you that has done it. We will assess your work and give you feed back.
When you work online you can take as much time as you need. There is no time limit. I have done my best to make the manual easy to understand and follow.
Yes, it is. The company for our online accreditation is IPHM. They are recognised in many countries in the world.
Yes, you can. In every manual you will find several insurance links. These companies accredit our courses.

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